why should I see a registered dietitian instead of...(a health coach, a chiropractor, a personal trainer, Instagram, the internet, my best friend, my mom)?

There is a LOT of information about nutrition out there--and I'm not saying your friends and family aren't great, BUT it can be super challenging to make sense of all of the things you read and hear about nutrition. This is one of the best reasons to see a professional, and while anyone is able to call himself a Nutritionist or Wellness Coach, a Registered Dietitian requires specific and comprehensive training. To become an RD, a Bachelor's or Master's degree in nutrition is required, along with a residency of at least 1200 hours of supervised clinical practice, followed by a licensing exam. What this means for you is that you can be confident that the guidance you are receiving is evidence-based and extensively researched, and that you're working with a credentialed professional. This is important stuff to consider when it comes to your health!

will you make me go on a diet?


I already know things about nutrition, why should I work with a dietitian?

I'm a bit of an unconventional dietitian (if you're thinking about the traditional "food police" image). I don't believe in restrictive dieting, calorie-counting, or imposing limitations around food. I’m actually anti-diet, and believe that diets just don’t work (I’m also happy to talk about research that shows this)! Rather, I aim to remove any guilt or shame around eating, and to help you create a sustainable way of feeding yourself that works in the long-term, and one that will actually help you feel your best, both physically AND mentally. I might introduce principles of intuitive eating if and when appropriate, but you generally won't find me asking you to get rid of things that our diet-happy society has labeled "bad", such as pizza and ice cream, unless there is a specific need to do so. That may sound strange, coming from a nutrition professional, but I honestly believe food is about much more than just the nutrients it is made up of. We can go more in-depth with this in our sessions!

I'm aware that you likely already know a lot about nutrition. After all, our world is rife with nutrition information from a variety of sources. This makes it incredibly difficult not to feel overwhelmed, let alone to know how to use that information. More importantly, knowledge does not always translate to action, and when it comes to things like lifestyle, daily habits, and your relationship with food, things get complex. Knowledge is likely not the largest barrier to you having your best relationship with food, and the support and accountability you get from working with a professional can be one of the most helpful ways to achieve your goal, nutrition-related or otherwise. 

where are you located?


do you accept my insurance?


how much do your sessions cost?

For in-person appointments, I work out of an office at a therapy practice (Twin Cities Therapy and Counseling Associates) in Golden Valley, Minnesota. If you’re not located in Minnesota, or if it is not convenient for you to meet in Golden Valley, I’m able to do virtual coaching + counseling as well—so we can really connect from anywhere!

I am able to accept some insurance plans through my practice in Golden Valley at Twin Cities Therapy & Counseling Associates, YES! Prior to coming to my appointment, it can be helpful to talk with your insurance company about whether they might cover nutrition counseling. I can also help you to know what to say and how to ask!

Cost for sessions can vary, depending on the type of appointment (details are listed here). I also offer additional services, such as speaking and consulting--and you can use my contact form to get in touch with me about pricing for those!